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Stratocell / Polylam Fabricator 

Interpak are Approved Stratocell® and Polylam® Convertors and specialise in the design of High Performance Packs using this very versatile Material. Non abrasive and extremely robust - it forms the basis for a great performance pack for many products

We carry in stock the full range of thicknesses - also Black and Anti - Static planks .Used predominantly in the Higher Value electronics markets such as Computer Peripherals - this foam is very versatile and can be converted into Foam End Caps - or bonded with other products to form composite packs. 

* We have full Press / Fabrication / Lamination facilities 


* We offer FREE DROP TESTING on these products . 

Able to carry heavy weights due to its multi layer construction - this is one of the best foams on the market for protecting a product against transit damage. 

Predominently used to make End Caps such as those opposite - we make a cap which essentially Supports both ends of the Unit - in a Frame - whilst allowing some up and down movement inside the cardboard box    

The product can also be "Kiss cut " to produce hinged legs - which simply fold out to make a cap. This also greatly assists in reducing storage space - as the caps are stored Flat       

We have been dealing with Stratocell® for over 25 years - and have a vast array of experience in using the product. We design packs with the product Yield in mind. Many fabricators will just make a pack and a carton to suit - we try to ensure the maximum yield and minimum waste from each plank - saving you money
Common Questions about Polyethylene Foam

  • Is Stratocell® Flame Retardent ?   -  Yes it is 
  • Is Stratocell® Recyclable?             -   Yes it is fully recyclable
  • Is Stratocell® Anti Static?               -  We carry sheets of Anti Static
  • Is Stratocell® Waterproof ?            -   It is resistant to water  

Versatile Hinged corners and Trays - which store flat !

Complete cushioning for your products
Can be tailored to suit an range of products
Simple - Fast - Effective packaging  

Model 1

model 2 side view

model 2 front view

model 3