Interpak are Approved Stratocell® and Polylam® Convertors. We carry in stock the full range of thicknesses - also Black and Anti - Static planks . We can also bond various fabrics to this product such as Vinyl covering - if required. Used predominantly in the Higher Value electronics markets such as Computer Peripherals - this foam is very versatile and can be converted into Foam End Caps - or bonded with other products to form composite packs.

* We have full Press / Fabrication / Lamination facilities
* We offer FREE DROP TESTING on these products .




Stratocell End Caps

Stratocell® End Caps

The simplest way to afford good protection to expensive electronic equipment. We design caps which hold the unit "floating" inside the box to prevent damage.

Stratocell Internal Fittings

Expanding Caps

End Caps can be fold out ( for easy storage ) or welded. Some examples are shown . If you have a range of different widths - we can also make Expanding End Caps so you can standardise your packing ( see below )

Stratocell Fabricator

Fold Out Legs

The simplest way to afford good protection to expensive electronic equipment. We design caps which hold the unit "floating" inside the box to prevent damage. On this type the legs are part pressed and simply fold out and lock into place

Stratocell Stockist Slough

Stratocell® End Caps

This type of end cap goes above and below on products where because of the shape - you cannot get a side cap to grip
( cylindrical items etc )


Stratocell Diecut Fittings

Fold Up Corners

We can diecut "Fold up " angles and corners. This example is a fold up corner piece which can be used as a corner and a U Section depending on how it is folded

Stratocell Packaging Solutions

Fold up U Channel

This photo shows a L angle section folder on both sides to make a full corner protector. These can be used on table tops and larger flat objects


Pull out Tray

This is an expanding tray ( Designed this way to save material ) Note the first image which is the folded tray - and the 2nd image ( alongside ) shows the tray Expanded out and assembled ready for use

Stratocell Trays and End Caps

Pull Out Tray - Open

This is the tray when it has been pulled out and the corners folder up. This used a fraction of the material required for a standard tray


Stratocell Manufacture

Stratocell® Fabrication

In our factory in High Wycombe we have full press and fabrication facilities for all foam products. Here you can see foam processing on an Anti Static foam job.

Heat Welding End Caps

Heat Welding

We weld our end cap legs on with very hot air applied through special welding guns. Heat welded legs are very strong


Composite Packs

We are specialists at designing composite packs - made from different types of foam - to achieve the correct level of protection for your products - ask us how

Stratocell Expanding End Cap

Expanding End Caps

We are specialists at designing expanding caps - saving foam and allowing different size products to fit into one pack - ask us how

Expanding Foam End Caps