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Loosefil Packaging - for awkward shapes 

Ecoflo® Recyclable Loosefil 

Eco Flo is the new bright white biodegradable loosefill product. Eco Flo is made from starch and is odourless, dust free and around half the weight of other starch based loosefill. You could be forgiven for thinking that Eco Flo resembles polystyrene except that Eco Flo is biodegradable, compostable, reusable/disposable, renewable and repulpable.

Eco Flo packs and performs in a similar way to GreenFill and is suitable for all void fill applications."Customer Friendly Loosefil"Eco Flo is the natural choice for progressive companies that require improved aesthetics and a superior environmental performance.

These companies understand that their packaging impacts upon the image that customers have of their company. Supplied in a 15 Cubic foot bag - and is always in Stock at Interpak.

Polystyrene Loosefil  

We also carry Flo-Pak Polystyrene Loosefill - which is tougher than Ecoflo - but is not Biodegradable