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Corrugated Board - LONG lead times and 4 Price increases in Quick Succession

10% increase 15th Feb 2021 -  APPLIED

10% increase 1st Apr 2021 - APPLIED

10% increase 17th May 2021 - APPLIED

8% increase 23rd August 2021 - CONFIRMED


Sorry it is not  good news and further to our price increase in February we are faced with a further Raw material pressure resulting with increases which will affect your prices from 1st April. It's extremely difficult to dress this up in any way apart from the simple fact that the demand is outstripping supply, we have no alternative in the supply chain as we ( as all other box plants) are on allocations with cardboard supply from all sources. Below is a brief summary what's happening in the world of cardboard boxes. Ongoing strong demand continues to outstrip supply .The shortage of raw material and high volumes of orders for sheet board has put more pressure on an already pressurised supply chain and as a direct consequence lead times are still unusually long for finished product. The shortage of raw material is massively impacting supply lines. Below are 4 stories recently in the national press - talking about the problems of supply, lead times and prices - please see links below. 

Forward planning of your orders is imperative With lead times approaching 8-10 weeks long our best advice is that you plan your orders well in advance and build in some flexibility - as keeping to scheduled / confirmed delivery dates is a constant and ongoing challenge. These are unusual times and with luck will prove to be a once in a life time event, it is being described by many in the industry as a perfect storm.....I appreciate that you will have other factors affecting your business depending on your market sector - but talking to customers it is clear that we are all under immense pressure in all directions at the moment, both in terms of rising costs and supply chains. Please be assured we do not take your business for granted - we will always do our best to help you - but equally the odds are stacked against us when it comes to giving the levels of service we would really like to be giving to all of our customers right now.