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We carry a range of standard paper rolls - for various applications - some of which can be seen below . We also carry "White News Offcuts " - like fish and chip wrapping paper in reams 20" x 30 " for wrapping and protection on smaller items


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Paper Products

We stock a range of Paper products in varying sizes and grades

From low grade paper such as the Single Faced Corrugated roll shown above - through to Kraft and Imitation kraft papers

Corrugated Paper High Wycombe | Corrugated Paper Slough

Corrugated Paper

Single faced corrugated rolls offer a cheap and convenient surface protection to most products.
We carry single faced in stock in 650mm , 900mm and 1800mm wide rolls
Imitation Kraft Rolls High Wycombe, Slough , Heathrow

Imitation Kraft Rolls

A thinner paper on a roll with a smoother feel. Used widely for wrapping parcels. Tears a little easily so you have to take some care with this. We stock Imitation Kraft paper in 900mm wide Rolls


Pure Kraft Paper High Wycombe

Pure Kraft Rolls

The best quality wrapping paper you can get. This paper with a ribbed marking - very strong and easy to use.We stock Pure Kraft Rolls 900mm