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Protective Foam Rolls - Lightweight and Flexible

Foam Rolls - Jiffyfoam ® and Cell Aire ®

Excellent product protection for anything with a glossy surface. This foam will not cause scratches or damage on your contents. Cell-Aire ® is Sealed Airs brand of Polyethylene Wrapping foam.

•Resilient and cost/ efficient
•Soft Finish LDPE ( Low Density Polyethylene foam )
•Clean, non-abrasive and lightweight
•High-cling, low-slip material holds securely
•Leaves no greasy residue
•Suitable for use on items of fine china and also all types of electrical products.
•Resistant to moisture damage and provides excellent thermal insulation
• Made of recyclable, low density polyethylene
•An efficient replacement for bulkier, heavier packaging materials
•Wide range of thicknesses available - from 1mm to 6mm
•Cell-Aire® Laminates combine soft, resilient polyethylene foam with either kraft paper or high density film backing.

Custom laminates available upon request. This is a Stock product in rolls 1500mm Wide We can also supply cut sheets and Pouches in a range of sizes or made to your own requirements