We Recycle 100% of all our Scrap Foam


We at Interpak care about the sustainability of our business and the environment. We work with suppliers to minimise the amount of scrap material which is left over after producing our foam packs. We have agreements in place with the manufacturers of both our Block Polyurethane foam - and our Sheet Polyethylene foam - and all waste product left over after production - is returned to the manufacturers to Recycle into new product.

In the case of Polyurethane foam - our waste is reground into "Recon " foam ( Chipfoam ) which is used for low grade packaging or Carpet Underlay.

Our Polyethylene foam offcuts and waste are reground and converted into Marine grade foam planks - for Floatation devices and similar items.

We supply sustainable foam packaging - and this combined with our recycling policy means our packaging materials dont cause environmental damage