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Foam Mats - Printed or plain 

Foam Mats and Kneeling Mats 

We supply a full range of High Quality Mats and Kneeling Mats which can be branded as great giveaways - a cost effective way of promoting your business

With runs starting at just 316 off - these are a great way of putting your brand into the hands of your customers. Ask us for details

Kneelers are sized as follows 395 x 185 x 20

Seat Pads are sized as follows 340 x 300 x 20

Starting with single colour - we can also offer 2 colour and full colour on one side on these

* Ideal for Branding your Company

* Customer Gifts

* Keeps your name prominent

Judo Sprung Flooring - Yoga Mats

We can also advise on more Technical foam matting - for areas such as Judo Halls and Gymnasiums .

For Judo a Heavy Duty polyethylene subfloor with Plywood over provides and ideal "sprung floor " for injury prevention. We recommend a 35kg Nopaplank for this.

Spaced at a rate of 36 blocks per 8' x 4' sheet of plywood - is what we have been advised is the correct spacing for this sprung floor by Morris Gordon Engineering who laid a huge 25 metre x 10metre floor.  We supplied the blocks cut to 75 x 75 x 100mm Vinyl Covered Wall Pads ( Gyms etc )

We can also supply Wall Pads with full Vinyl covering which can be either hooked on the wall or screwed onto the wall for a permanent padded area.