Interpak - Packaging for Computer Products

We manufacture packs designed and tested for all Standard Computer Parts. These all have a proven track record and have passed drop tests to prove shock ratings . We have tools in stock for all std PC Components and can produce the packs in a relatively short lead time

* Single HDD Drive Packs

* 5 HDD Drive Packs

* 10 HDD Drive Packs

* 20 HDD Drive Packs

* Single CD/DVD Drive Packs

We are approved suppliers to Fujitsu UK and also other major fulfilment centres .

HDD Packs Ex Stock
HDD Packs

Single Drive HDD Packs - comprising either multi pull out section foam or foam end caps as shown here ( 5 - 7 days lead time ). This is the best pack you can buy

5 HDD Multi Packs Anti Static
HDD Multi Packs

Single faced corrugated rolls offer a cheap and convenient surface protection to most products.
We carry single faced in stock in 650mm , 900mm and 1800mm wide rolls
Single Disk Drive Pack
HDD Packs
Single Drive HDD Packs .These comprise multi pull out section foam to take all HDDs as shown here - with carton ( 5 - 7 days lead time ). DVD and CDROM is same but larger


PC System Packs
PC System Packs
We can make end caps to fit any PC system compactly and neatly into a cardboard box - for the correct level of protection in transit. Also rack mount servers