Interpak - Flight Case Manufacturer

We manufacture flight cases In - House - and can supply a wide range of flight cases for many different applications. The Aluminium cases are all custom built to your own specification and can include many extras such as:

* Loading Ramps / * Castors / Locking Castors / * Towing Handles / * Twist Locks

Cases can be made from Perspex, Aluminium over Ply , Stucco over ply and also in Astralux board for lightweight cases - in a range of colours and finishes . We can also completely protect your product wihtin the case - by creating a custom made foam insert to cushion your item snugly within the case. So for the ultimate transit case for your valuable items - call us for information on our custom or stock cases.

Budget Flight Crates

If your product needs excellent protection - but a Flight Case is outside your budget - why not go for one of our special Flight Crates ? ( See below ) These are made from Plywood and timber framed for strength - all to ISPM15 ( From heat treated timber ) so they can be shipped anywhere in the world. These can be supplied with Locking catches and carry handles if required - as well as hinged or lift-off lids. We can make these to any size and can also foam line these to offer maximum protection as you can see on the images below . Call us for more information

Budget FlighT Cases

Timber Flight Case

Foam Lined Protective Case

Sturdy Budget Flight Case


Fully Bespoke Flight Cases - FeaturingTwist Locks , hinged doors etc


Large Rack Mount Flight Case

Built to any Size

Bespoke flight cases for any item. We will design and build the right case for your product. Whether for regular or occasional transportation - with or without foam - just let us know what you need and leave the rest to us

Wheeled Flight cases to any size

With locking wheels

We can fabricate our panels and literally make a case to any size. The case above was made to store very large painted panels - for safe transit around the world. These cases feature wheels with press locks - so they can be locked in transit


Foam Lined Crates

Multiple Cases

No order is too small or too large - this particular order was for 4 huge cases - with full foam lining and also a carpetted base to allow the panels to slide in and out with ease.

Large Flight Cases

Loading Ramps

These flight cases are widely used for very large items - and allow easy entry and exit for the product - by building in a Ramp to the load end so the product can be " Wheeled out " of the case.

Flight Cases High Wycombe

Plasma Cases


The Flight Case featured on the right accommodates twin plasma screens - and with our foam fittingsin place - guarantees safe transit to and from exhibitions


Flight Cases Slough

Briefcase Style

These flight cases can be made to fit neatly around samples for carrying around in safety. We can make these to any size or shape - and in light or heavy weights of material

Flight Cases Heathrow

Choice of Finish

These flight cases can be made with either black exteriors or a stucco aluminium finish. We also make cases in lightweight Astralux board

Road Cases / Amp Cases

Rolling Cases

These flight cases are widely used for Musicians to carry amps and equipment around with them on tour . We can supply wheels with Brakes on them so they can be wheeled or locked as required.

Any Quantity


A 10 case order recently made for a customer with Stencilled Warning markings added to the customers request. We can make ANY QUANTITY of flight cases - with or without insert


Top Hat Flight Cases

Designed with a Large top section to facilitate easy unloading of heavy equipment. With just a shallow base ( and foam insert ) this is the best solution for Heavy items

Shelved Flight Case

Designed with a removable front and rear panel - and sliding shelves. Yet another versatile Flight Case from Interpak - ask us for advice

Gun Cases | Shotgun Storage CAse

Gun Cases

These flight cases ensure that Shotguns or Crossbows can be handled safely when being transported. With secure locks and cut neatly around the products - this is high end packaging for high value products.

Professional Protection


Complex Interior foam inserts

Here you can see an example of a grey foam insert which has been made to fit neatly into a bespoke Rolling Flight case for Sky TVs 3D Cameras

The total Package !

We designed and built in house the Rolling Flight cases and all custom built foam inserts - to afford the correct level of protection to these Very Expensive Cameras

Astroboard Cases

Lightweight and versatile - the perfect solution where a Lightweight case is required. Made from a Honeycomb rigid plastic board - this affords maximum strength with a very light product weight.


Lightweight and versatile - this lightweight honeycombed Rigid plastic sheet offers excellent physical strength - with very light weight.


Large Pelicase for Camera Parts

Camera Cases


These flight cases are designed for more expensive photographic equipment. We can cut the inserts exactly to fit your own equipment - again to cushion your investment whilst in transit.

Perspex Flight Case for Amps

Perspex Flight Cases

These flight cases can be made in a range of colours and give a very different effect . High gloss perspex outers look great with your logo added - and on this Technics case - we have colour matched the edges.

Peli Case with Foam

Peli Case Inserts

These flight cases are waterproof sealed - and have a Lifetime Guarantee. We can insert a custom made foam insert to suit any product