Designers and Manufacturers of Foam Packs, Crates and Flight Cases

GDPR Statement  
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Certificate of Incorporation  
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ISO9000 Certificate  
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ISO9000 Procedure Manual  
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ISPM15 Statement  
Statement of product compliance
Reach and RoHS  
Interpak RoHS Statement
Polyurethane Foam
Polyurethane Foam ( Recon / Rebonded)
Polyethylene Foam
Corrugated Board ( REACH )
Corrugated Board ( RoHS )
Interpak Recycling Policy  
Foam recycling information
Stratocell Polyethylene Planks  
Health & Safety /Fire Precautions Stratocell
Stratocell E
Stratocell S
Foam Manufacturing Tolerances  
PA30 / Plastazote/ Polyethylene Tolerances
GC2 Freezerproof Board Spec  
Spec for GC2 Folding Box Board - to -70c

Palziv Extruded Plank  
PA30 Grey
PA45 Grey
E220 Polyethylene Plank  
E220 Extruded Ethafoam
Plastazote Sheets  
LD18 Sheets
LD24 Sheets
LD29 Sheets
LD33 Sheets
LD45 Sheets
Plastazote Weight Tolerances
Novostrat Polyethylene Plank  
Health and Safety / Fire Precautions
Stratlite 22 foam plank ( Now 24kg Density *)
Stratlite 28 foam plank ( Now 30kg Density *)
Stratlite 22/28 foam plank 30% Recycled Black
Carpenter Polyurethane Blocks  
RP14/70 ( D2 ) Yellow / White
RP18/125 ( E18 ) Grey
RP21/130 White Water absorbing *
RX25/140 CMHR Grey Foam
RP21/250 Grey high density
Carpenter Fireseal Sheets  
Fireseal flame retardent sheets
Global Online Tariff / EORI  
UK Global Online Tariff / Commodity codes
Plastic Packaging Tax  
Novostrat Statement
Sealed Air Statement