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Packing Crates / Export Crates 

ISPM15 Timber and Plywood Crates

We can supply timber and Plywood crates to any size or specification.

Perfect for Exporting High Value products Plywood Cases are built to ISPM15 standard, using timber from sustainable forests that has been heat treated and fumigated.

These are suitable for export to any country ( Including Australia ) and as the stamp denotes it is compliant with all Shipping regulations Crates ( Timber or Plywood ) - and gives excellent protection to heavy or expensive items.

We can also line them with Kraft Union paper to make them weatherproof - as well as making up all of the foam fittings you need to cushion your product within the crate. This will protect your item in the event of the Crate getting hit or knocked.

Bespoke Sprung Pallets

We also specialise in the manufacture of Technical Sprung Pallets.

By adding a High Density Foam layer in between the base of the pallet and the floor - our pallets allow the machine sitting on the pallet to Oscillate in transit - without any Shock Transference through the pallet to the machine on top of the pallet. 

Ideal for heavy machinery , and Scientific equipment - you can safely transport your machinery without the risk of Jolts causing damage using this style of pallet.

See examples opposite.

We can also offer Solid Timber Crates as below - either lined or unlined - and again built to any size.