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Polythene Products

polythene bags

  • We carry a range of Polythene products for general purpose packaging. As well as standard open ended polythene bags we offer a range of Minigrip Bags which are resealable. Great as an accessory pack for small nuts and bolts . With or without Write On Panels - please call us for your nearest size We also stock Carrier Bags, LD Carrier bags etc in a huge range of sizes.  


  • Stretchwrap is a roll product like a heavy duty cling film. We supply this in rolls 400mm wide and 300m long with extended cores for easy application.We also carry a Heavy Duty Black colour film 500mm x 250m for pallets where you dont want the contents to be visible. 



  • Stretchwrap after application to a pallet.Stretchwrap is used to wrap around pallets and forms a strong and stable covering.You can see an example to the right of a finished pallet. You simply attach one end of the roll to the pallet corner - and walk around the pallet applying the film  



  • We also stock large rolls of Centrefold Shrink Film. This is a heavy duty polythene which is wrapped around pallets and then heated with an electric or Gas Shrink Gun to shrink it around the pallet. Extremely strong You can see our Shrink Gas Gun kits on this page Click here