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Your Packaging Problems Solved !

Interpak are designers and manufacturers of High Performance Stratocell foam packs and also composite packs. Polyethylene Foam is the ideal packaging product for heavier items as it is extremely resilient and will protect your product from knocks and scrapes in transit.

Polyurethane foam is another option for cushion packaging - softer than stratocell it provides all round protection for lighter weight products. Also used for Display case inserts.

Exporting your products ? We recommend
ISPM15 Crates  for international transit worldwide. Crates can be built to any size - and we can add internal Foam lining where required - or indeed bespoke foam inserts for extra cushioning.

Flight Cases provide the ultimate safe reusable pack - built to your specification.

We can work from sketches , samples or any electronic form of drawings to design your packs. We also carry a range of General Packaging Materials such as
Bubblewrap, cartons, tapes etc. for general packaging requirements. With over 40 years experience in our field - we will be well equipped to deal with your enquiry and create the perfect pack for your requirements.

"Aesthetically pleasing" Protective Packaging.

Lightweight : Versatile : Recyclable


Interpak are specialists in the Design and fabrication of packs utilising many types of foam. We have full Cutting and Fabrication facilities In - House. We carry block foam in stock as well as all thicknesses of Stratocell sheet. Also as the manufacturer we offer swift turnaround.


We can press and laminate all types of foam inserts and case inserts for any items. We offer many grades of foam in a range of colours to achieve the finish you need. We also stock CMHR foam for furniture - so if your cushions needs replacing - give us a call.We offer  "On the spot "hand cut samples. 


Flight Cases built to any size and specification. These can have built in ramps,wheels, pull handles, locking catches , removable panels and many other attributes . Whatever you need from a flight case - we can build it for you . We will be happy to discuss your requirements 


Plywood Crates built to any size and specification. These are fully ISPM15 compliant which means you can ship them anywhere in the world. Crates can be supplied with or without foam lining - and with removable panels to facilitate easy loading if required .

Ask us for more information.